Reader Widget Pro Large Preview

The large widget is nearing completion:

large widget

It displays headlines configurable by tag or feed and changes the headline every 5 seconds (which I might make configurable). Clicking on the headline takes you straight to the page the story is for. I might make it an option to click and open the feed in the Google Reader site as well. Like the medium version it also has a useful refresh button but it also has a new button on the right, the function of which is a secret ;-).

It took a while to decide on the final widget set and what each of them should do. I think I have made all three sizes (small, medium and large) unique and useful. Its possible to add all of them several times over to the home screen and have them all show different data. One background service keeps all of the data refreshed. It has been a fun challenge writing this widget package. I have learnt a lot about Android and its current limitations (see my previous post for more on that).