Reader Widget Pro V1.1 Out

I have just uploaded the first update to Reader Widget Pro. It contains a bug fix for occasional force closes in the large widget. Also the much hyped special feature is there! Basically it is tighter integration with the excellent Google Reader client Greed. If you have the latest full version installed (1.1.9), then you have the option of tapping on a feed name in the pop-up list and viewing the feed in Greed! The option is displayed in the second configuration screen (only if you have Greed (full) though). The browser option is still there if you prefer. Also in the large widget, tapping on a headline shows the feed in Greed. If you do use Greed like me, then you will probably prefer this behaviour to launching a new browser window. Unfortunately, Android only allows new browser windows to be launched by other applications (rather than re-using an existing one).