Reader Widget Pro V1.6 out

I have just uploaded V1.6 of Reader Widget Pro to the Market. Here’s the change log:

  • New feature: headline list is now expandable to view article summaries. The summary is text only at present but this might change in the future. Tapping on the summary launches a new browser window for that article.
  • Improved clean up on last widget deletion
  • Bug fix: the loading message on the large widget was too brief.
  • Bug fix: duplicate headlines in pop-up list.
  • Bug fix: relaunching tag list after launching Greed from it no longer goes back to Greed. This is part of Android’s default activity behaviour and I found it confusing so put a stop to it.
  • Bug fix: tag and headline lists now relaunch properly. Sometimes they wouldn’t launch, freezing the screen until the back button was pressed.

Recently I was on the train without coverage and realised that the large widget actually makes a half decent offline Google Reader client. Especially with summaries in the headlines list now.