Reader Widgets V2.3 out

I have just uploaded updates to both Reader Widget versions. Here is the changelog:

  • Migrated to JSON stream for headlines using Jackson. This speeds up updates for the large widget by about 25% and uses 25% less data.
  • Webview layout tweaks for landscape on larger screened devices like the Droid
  • Radio buttons on last config screen selected from preferences already saved
  • Bug fix: email links in the webview now work
  • Bug fix: reconfiguring time displayed on small widget used to display the wrong icon.
  • Bug fix: sometimes menus on the dialogue boxes (tag list and headline list) would not be at the bottom of the screen

Reader Widget Free passes 10,000 downloads, world rejoices

On Christmas Day Reader Widget Free blew past the 10,000 download mark. Thanks to everyone who downloaded, rated, commented and made suggestions for it.

Updates to both Reader Widget versions are on their way with new optimizations and tweaks.


Dear Santa…

… I’m not asking for anything for this Christmas but for next year I want the perfect Android phone to be released. Maybe a keyboardless Droid, maybe the Nexus One, Two or Three (or six?) but with the following:

  • 3.7 inch 854×480 screen
  • Decent camera with:
    • Flash (xenon if possible)
    • Physical button that can be half pressed for focus
    • 720p video recording
  • Running stock Android 2.x
  • Physical buttons on the front for home/back etc
  • Trackball
  • Decent amount of on board memory (1Gb+) for apps
  • 802.11n Wi-fi if possible

Although my next phone will probably be a stock Android 2.x device, I’ll still install the HTC Hero keyboard on it.


Reader Widgets V2.2 out

I have just uploaded updates to both Pro and Free Reader Widget. Here’s the change log:

  • Bug fix: Motorola Droid force close on docking
  • Bug fix: browser launch option goes to Reader start page as configured on the Reader site instead of the “Feeds” view
  • Bug fix: HTC Hero sometimes got stuck launching webview
  • Bug fix: headline list in large widget force closes if the widget is configured for a single feed.
  • Bug fix: headline list in large widget can now be sorted by headline title if the widget is configured for a single feed.
  • Exit button added to menus in pop-ups (headline list, webview, tag list).
  • Separate styles for spinner (drop down list) and spinner drop downs on the final configuration screen. This saves room and looks better

Senseless Sense

Don’t get me wrong I love my HTC Hero and it’s Sense UI. I just don’t like the fact I have to wait longer for Android updates compared to other phones. I’m sure when Eclair comes to the Hero it will be great but I just can’t stand missing out on all the new apps that have come out for 1.6 and above like Google Goggles and the new Maps. I can try them out on my G1 with Donut but I’m not lugging that around with me too.

By the way, I just updated my Hero to Modaco 3.0 and it feels a bit faster.

I think my next phone will be a stock Android 2.x device, perhaps the Nexus One that’s been causing such a storm. That way I can get updates much faster.


A note about Taskiller

I have received some emails from Reader Widget users (both Pro and Free) saying that the widgets don’t update. However, these users had been using an app called Taskiller to stop the Reader Widget service. Whilst this should not prevent updates it looks like it does. I’ll do some experiments with Taskiller and see if I can come up with a workaround. For now I would ask that everyone put the Reader Widget task in their Taskiller ignore list.


Reader Widgets V2.1 out

I have uploaded version 2.1 of both Pro and Free Reader Widgets. Here’s the change log:

  • Bug fix: handling of single quote characters in tag names fixed
  • Bug fix: back button in webview now works as expected (goes back a page or exits if it can’t go back any further)
  • Added an option to launch a new browser window straight from the widgets

Reader Widget Small is dead, long live Reader Widget Free

Reader Widget Small is no more. In its place is now Reader Widget Free which has all the features of Pro version but contains ads. Enjoy!

For everyone that bought Reader Widget Pro: thank you and don’t worry. Pro will still be ad free and will get new features more quickly than the free version.