Reader Widgets V2.12 in the Market

I have just uploaded a new version of Reader Widgets Pro and Free to the Android Market. The main change is to the WebView authorization process. Google recently change the Reader authorization method for the API. However, it turns out this also affected the Reader mobile site so that automatic login stopped working in the WebView of my widgets. I have tried to find a way to get it working again but have had no success. I have asked Google for help but have yet to receive a response. So instead of getting automatic authorization to work again I decided to do the next best thing and make sure once the WebView is signed in, it stays signed in. This involves using Android’s built in WebView cookie synchronization.
I also fixed a rare force close that occurs when network coverage is poor.


SMS Bot Widget V1.4 in the Market

I have just uploaded SMS Bot Widget V1.4 to the Market. Here’s the changelog:

  • If configuration is cancelled it can be relaunched by tapping the widget.
  • Bug fix: Occasional force close for Android 2.x devices in send dialogue

The second bug was reported in the new “Android Application Error Reports” feature added in the FroYo version of the Market. This makes it much easier for people to report problems to developers and so more bugs will get reported and Android apps will improve much faster.


PubCrawler updates: HTML5 offline cache and more

I have updated my PubCrawler web app to use HTML5 offline caching. This means that saved crawls can be accessed even when there is no network connection. However, the Google Maps imagery will not load unless it is in the browser’s cache. Also creating a new crawl does not work offline as it’s a bit difficult to use geolocation with no cell towers or Wifi connect to! I have also added a favicon specific to the app.

When I updated PubCrawler to use Google Maps API V3 I forgot to mention that I changed the routing travel mode to walking. This should provide better directions as I should hope most pub crawls are done on foot!