Paperless List V2.0 in the Market

I have just uploaded Paperless List V2.0 to the Android Market. Both Pro and Free versions have been updated. It’s a fairly major update as I have reworked the UI to use fragments and tweaked the action bar.

  • Dual pane landscape view for main screen, search, shopping list and favourites.
  • Reworked action bar at the top with Honeycomb-esque home/back button and larger icons.
  • Most recent search results saved.
  • Sped up background operations.
  • Disabled Bump sharing for devices without IMEI as these aren’t supported by the Bump API. Things like Wi-fi only tablets used to force close.
  • Bug fix: gap below buttons in dialogue boxes removed.
  • Bug fix: landscape keyboard “Done” button now works as expected.
  • Bug fix: search button aligned with text box

Unfortunately, I had to remove support for Android 1.5 in order to use fragments. However, this only affects a small percentage of users and they should still be able to use the old version.