Paperless List updated to V2.4

Today I uploaded version 2.4 of Paperless List to the Google Play Store. Both Pro and Free versions have been updated. Here is the full change log:

  • Chain scan items option. This allows the barcode scanner to re-launch immediately after scanning an item. Go to settings from main screen menu to enable it
  • Made it more obvious when app is working in background
  • List message not cleared on first manual add
  • Text-to-speech fixes
  • Fixed barcode scanning from search
  • Fixed scanning same item twice (it duplicated the item before rather than updating quantity)
  • Fixed total in favourites
  • Force close fixes
  • Fixed second search appending results to list sometimes
  • Fixed adding manual item to favourites from list
  • Lock orientation wasn’t working sometimes
  • Fixed previous search results not clearing when no results found
  • Progress shown in search if barcode scan cancelled
  • Tidied up gesture code