Goodbye Reader Widgets

It was announced in March that Google was killing off Reader on 1st July. Because of this I have decided to end development on my Reader Widgets for Android and withdraw the apps from the Play Store on 30th June. I know there are alternative services in development to take over from the unofficial Reader API but none of them seem to be ready yet and don’t provide all of the features I want for a seamless transition.

Reader Widgets was my first Android app so it is very sad that I have to write this post. It qualified me for theĀ Android Developer Device Seeding Program, took me to an Android Developer Lab at Google’s offices in London and helped me to form relationships with other developers and users. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the apps, provided me with feedback and helped me to develop it over its 4 year lifetime. My other Android apps Paperless List and SMS Bot Widget will continue to be maintained and updated. I did have some big plans for Reader Widgets so these might re-appear in some other form.