SMS Bot Widget and Android 4.4 Kit Kat

I finally got my hands on a Nexus 5 today and its great. Unfortunately there is a small issue with SMS Bot Widget and Android 4.4. A few days ago Google announced a few changes to the way SMS messages are handled in Android. As a result of these changes SMS Bot Widget can no longer write to a device’s sent messages as of Android 4.4. The messages are still sent so the app fulfills its primary purpose but the device will have no record of it. In order to completely fix this SMS Bot Widget would have to be set as the primary SMS messaging app on the system and that is a lot to ask of a simple widget app. Instead I will update the app to warn Android 4.4 users of this behaviour.


SMS Bot Widget V2.41

A quick update following yesterday’s release of V2.4. It turns out I accidentally made the app only compatible with Android 4.3! It was showing “not compatible” errors in the web Google Play Store for anything running earlier Android versions. This was because of a new “uses-feature” element I added to the app manifest to notify the Play Store that SMS Bot Widget required home screen widgets. Unfortunately I set the required attribute to “true” and because the feature was new in Android 4.3, previous versions didn’t know about it. Hence the “not compatible” errors. Of course when I tested my app’s availability yesterday on Google Play on my Nexus 4 newly updated to 4.3 it all seemed fine. The perils of being on the bleeding edge!


SMS Bot Widget V2.4

SMS Bot Widget version 2.4 is now available in the Google Play Store. Here is the change log:

  • Removed internet permission
  • Updated instructions for Jellybean devices
  • Reduced size

Reader Widgets Removed from the Google Play Store

My Reader Widgets Android apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. It said it would take several hours for them to completely disappear.
Thanks again to everyone who downloaded either the free or paid version.


SMS Bot Widget now ad free

SMS Bot Widget has been updated to V2.3 in the Google Play Store and I am happy to announce it is now completely ad free. Why would I suddenly do this? The trouble is with ads is you need to add a library to your Android app and that means keeping it up-to-date, working around any bugs it might have, testing it etc. So this should free me up to actually implement more features. Also I think it puts some people off from using an app. I am considering removing ads from Paperless List as well. Other changes in V2.3 are:

  • Lock screen widget for Android 4.2+ devices
  • Resizeable widget for Android 4.0+ devices
  • Bug fix: HTC devices with Android 4.1 unable to configure widget
  • New simpler widget backgrounds with proper focus and pressed styles

I wanted to completely remove the 1×1 and 2×1 widgets from Android 4.0+ devices but that became a problem when upgrading from the previous version. It broke any 1×1 or 2×1 widgets already added to the home screen so I had to leave them in.

SMS Bot Widget Donate (which disabled ads in the free version) has been removed from the Play Store as it didn’t get many downloads.


Goodbye Reader Widgets

It was announced in March that Google was killing off Reader on 1st July. Because of this I have decided to end development on my Reader Widgets for Android and withdraw the apps from the Play Store on 30th June. I know there are alternative services in development to take over from the unofficial Reader API but none of them seem to be ready yet and don’t provide all of the features I want for a seamless transition.

Reader Widgets was my first Android app so it is very sad that I have to write this post. It qualified me for theĀ Android Developer Device Seeding Program, took me to an Android Developer Lab at Google’s offices in London and helped me to form relationships with other developers and users. Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the apps, provided me with feedback and helped me to develop it over its 4 year lifetime. My other Android apps Paperless List and SMS Bot Widget will continue to be maintained and updated. I did have some big plans for Reader Widgets so these might re-appear in some other form.


Reader Widgets updated

I have just uploaded V2.36 of Reader Widgets (Pro and Free) to the Google Play Store. Here’s a full list of changes:

  • Refresh widgets button added to main app (only appears if you have widgets added to the home screen)
  • Possible fix for Asus Padphone issue after dock/undock
  • Press added to list of launch apps
  • Medium widget made scrollable on Android 3.0+
  • Small widget can be added to lock screen in Android 4.2+
  • Manual login text fields fixed for Android 3.0+

Reader Widgets and SMS Bot Widget updated

I have just uploaded updates to both my Reader Widgets (Pro and Free) and SMS Bot Widget apps in the Google Play Store. There was a bug in Android 4.2 that prevented the widgets in both apps from being added to the home screen. I have also added lock screen support for Android 4.2 and made the medium Reader Widget resizeable in Android 3.1+.


Paperless List updated to V2.4

Today I uploaded version 2.4 of Paperless List to the Google Play Store. Both Pro and Free versions have been updated. Here is the full change log:

  • Chain scan items option. This allows the barcode scanner to re-launch immediately after scanning an item. Go to settings from main screen menu to enable it
  • Made it more obvious when app is working in background
  • List message not cleared on first manual add
  • Text-to-speech fixes
  • Fixed barcode scanning from search
  • Fixed scanning same item twice (it duplicated the item before rather than updating quantity)
  • Fixed total in favourites
  • Force close fixes
  • Fixed second search appending results to list sometimes
  • Fixed adding manual item to favourites from list
  • Lock orientation wasn’t working sometimes
  • Fixed previous search results not clearing when no results found
  • Progress shown in search if barcode scan cancelled
  • Tidied up gesture code

Paperless List updated to V2.3

A new version of PaperLess List (free and pro) is available in the Google Play Store. Here is the full change log:

  • Share list with Android Beam (Android 4+ only, 2 NFC devices required)
  • Option to read scanned product name using Text-to-speech (setting menu in main screen)
  • New action bar with expandable boxes for search and manual add
  • Lock orientation option in shopping list
  • Crossed off items are now greyed out
  • Cross off an item twice to delete it
  • Enabled hardware acceleration
  • Force close fixes
  • Only supports Android 2.1+
  • Fixed barcode scanning from favourites
  • Gestures on duplicate items fixed
  • Made ok/cancel right way round in ICS+
  • Button style squared off slightly to match ICS/Jellybean style more
  • Sharing dialogue turned into action bar sub menu
  • Progress indicators reworked

Unfortunately due to the reworked action bar it only supports Android version 2.1 and above now (previously it was 1.6 and above).