Paperless List V2.5 out

Paperless List version 2.5 is now in the Google Play Store. Both pro and free versions have been updated. Here is the list of changes:

  • Removed Bump sharing (its being turned off at the end of Jan 2014)
  • New high resolution icons
  • Checkboxes in settings easier to press
  • Text-to-speech voice now uses current Android system locale instead of US voice

It’s a shame Bump is being turned off but it means Paperless List now uses less permissions (location, vibrate and read phone state have now been removed). The shopping list can still be shared using email or Android Beam on devices with NFC running Android 4.0 or above.


New versions of Paperless List in the Market

The latest versions of Paperless List Pro (V1.1) and Free (V1.7) are in the Android Market. The changes in both versions are:

  • Share list via plain text email or Bump with another device nearby (MenuShare list on the shopping list screen)
  • Better error handling
  • Bug fix: Force close on crossing off manual items containing apostrophe
  • Progress shown when loading image on product details screen
  • Size of icons in top bar increased slightly for HVGA devices (easier to touch)

Bump sharing is a simple way to share a PaperLess List with a device nearby. Once on the Bump sharing screen tap the “Connect” button on both devices. After Bump has warmed up on both devices simply Bump them together to connect. Once connected click the “Send List” button to send the shopping list to the other device. The receiving device has it’s list merged with the sending device so that nothing is deleted.