Paperless List V2.2 in the Market

Paperless List V2.2 is now in the Android Market. Here is the full change log:

  • Add with quantity from favourites fixed
  • Force close fixes
  • Updated libraries
  • Height of action bar in Bump share screen fixed

Paperless List V2.1 in the Market

A quick bug fix release this one. There were some force close bugs introduced by the V2.0 release that I had to fix. Specifically when sending an item to the phone via chrome to phone and sometimes when scanning a barcode.


Paperless List V2.0 in the Market

I have just uploaded Paperless List V2.0 to the Android Market. Both Pro and Free versions have been updated. It’s a fairly major update as I have reworked the UI to use fragments and tweaked the action bar.

  • Dual pane landscape view for main screen, search, shopping list and favourites.
  • Reworked action bar at the top with Honeycomb-esque home/back button and larger icons.
  • Most recent search results saved.
  • Sped up background operations.
  • Disabled Bump sharing for devices without IMEI as these aren’t supported by the Bump API. Things like Wi-fi only tablets used to force close.
  • Bug fix: gap below buttons in dialogue boxes removed.
  • Bug fix: landscape keyboard “Done” button now works as expected.
  • Bug fix: search button aligned with text box

Unfortunately, I had to remove support for Android 1.5 in order to use fragments. However, this only affects a small percentage of users and they should still be able to use the old version.


New versions of Paperless List in the Market

The latest versions of Paperless List Pro (V1.1) and Free (V1.7) are in the Android Market. The changes in both versions are:

  • Share list via plain text email or Bump with another device nearby (MenuShare list on the shopping list screen)
  • Better error handling
  • Bug fix: Force close on crossing off manual items containing apostrophe
  • Progress shown when loading image on product details screen
  • Size of icons in top bar increased slightly for HVGA devices (easier to touch)

Bump sharing is a simple way to share a PaperLess List with a device nearby. Once on the Bump sharing screen tap the “Connect” button on both devices. After Bump has warmed up on both devices simply Bump them together to connect. Once connected click the “Send List” button to send the shopping list to the other device. The receiving device has it’s list merged with the sending device so that nothing is deleted.


Paperless List updated, Pro version available

I have just uploaded version 1.6 of Paperless List to the Android Market. Also there is now a “Pro” version available for 99p. This has all the same features of the free version but does not contain any ads. Speaking of features both versions now have:

  • Favourites list for saving items regularly added to the shopping list. This goes for manually added and Tesco items. The price of Tesco items is not displayed in the favourites list as it might get out of date. Instead the latest price is obtained from Tesco when it is added to the list.
  • Quantities of Tesco items in the shopping list can now be set. A new long press option “Add with quantity” appears in search and favourites. There is also a “Change quantity” long press option in the shopping list. This is taken into account when showing the main total and the price of items in the list. Adding duplicate items now totals them up.
  • Edit manual items either in the shopping list or favourites
  • Buttons no longer have the default Android colouring. Instead they have a blue gradient.
  • Bug fix: More details page sped up
  • Bug fix: force close when deleting items containing a single quote character
  • Bug fix: going to Android market for the Barcode Scanner app now goes straight to the app instead of to a single item list

Reminder: Paperless List Free and Pro are both UK only apps.


Paperless List V1.5 in the Market

I have just uploaded Paperless Lost V1.5 to the Android Market. Here is the change log:

  • Screen now stays on when shopping list is displayed
  • Bug fix: gestures in long lists no longer cross of multiple items
  • Bug fix: manual items stay crossed off

Paperless List V1.4 in the Android Market

I have just uploaded the latest version of Paperless List to the Android Market. Here is the full change log:

  • Offers shown in search and list highlighted in blue
  • Added disclaimer dialogue box about prices being from the store
  • Bug fix: gestures at the bottom of long lists corrected. The wrong item was getting crossed off
  • Bug fix: prices for low cost products (<£1) corrected
  • Various force close issues resolved

Incidentally a bug was fixed in the Tesco API. It was to do with paginating through results. Paperless List only showed the first 20 results but as of version 1.3 it can display up to a maximum of 100. Scrolling to the bottom of the search results automatically loads the next 20 products. The total number of products is shown just under the text input box as well as the overall total Tesco has. Now that the API bug is fixed this functionality has magically revealed itself in V1.3!


Paperless List V1.3 in the Android Market

I have just uploaded Paperless List V1.3 to the Market. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Keyboard hidden when search results displayed
  • Search box auto-completes using history. Use menu to clear search history
  • Progress wheel aligned better
  • Low pixel density devices (e.g. HTC Tattoo) supported

Paperless List V1.2 in the Android Market

I just uploaded Paperless List V1.2 to the Android Market. It contains minor fixes:

  • Built against new Android 2.2 SDK revision 2
  • Improved error handling so when API is down messages reflect that

How to: create a Paperless List through the air

One of the features I like the most about my new app Paperless List is the chrome-to-phone functionality. It was also one of the simplest features to implement. In Android 2.2 (Froyo) Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) was added. This allows cloud services to push notifications or data down to an Android 2.2 phone. Shortly after the first Froyo build was released, chrome-to-phone appeared to allow links to be sent from a PC browser down to a phone running Froyo over the air. When sent to the phone website links opened the browser, Google Maps links opened the Android Google Maps app and Youtube links opened the Youtube app. Now links open Paperless List and add items to the shopping list.


  • Android 2.2 phone e.g. Nexus One
  • Google Chrome 4.0 and above or Firefox 3.0 and above on Windows/Mac/Linux

1. Download Paperless List from the Android Market
2. Download and install the chrome-to-phone Chrome plugin and companion Android app from here. If you are using Firefox then download the Send To Phone plugin from here. The Android app will require you to enable installation from “Unknown sources” in application settings.
3. Run the chrome to phone app on the phone and register your device.
4. Go to in Chrome, click on groceries and login to your account. If you don’t have an account, sign up for one. It doesn’t take long.
5. Navigate and find a product page like this one for milk.
6. Click on the chrome-to-phone icon in Chrome to send the product to your Paperless List. The first time you do this in your browser session it will require you to sign into Google. After sign in go back to the tab with open and click on the icon again to send the link.
7. After a short delay your phone will make the default notification sound and a pop-up will appear asking you to select the Browser or Paperless List:


8. If preferred check the “Use by default” box to automatically add things to your shopping list in future. Tap the Paperless List option.
9. Paperless List will start and retrieve the product details from the API
10. Once the details are retrieved the product is automatically added to your list and of course updates the total cost:

chrome list

11. Repeat steps 5 to 10 to build a complete shopping list over the air. It also works for the search results page by making Paperless List execute a search with the same keywords.

Unfortunately, at the time of this post only the Nexus One has an official Android 2.2 build that supports C2DM. Hopefully more devices will get updated to Android 2.2 soon.