Paperless List V1.4 in the Android Market

I have just uploaded the latest version of Paperless List to the Android Market. Here is the full change log:

  • Offers shown in search and list highlighted in blue
  • Added disclaimer dialogue box about prices being from the store
  • Bug fix: gestures at the bottom of long lists corrected. The wrong item was getting crossed off
  • Bug fix: prices for low cost products (<£1) corrected
  • Various force close issues resolved

Incidentally a bug was fixed in the Tesco API. It was to do with paginating through results. Paperless List only showed the first 20 results but as of version 1.3 it can display up to a maximum of 100. Scrolling to the bottom of the search results automatically loads the next 20 products. The total number of products is shown just under the text input box as well as the overall total Tesco has. Now that the API bug is fixed this functionality has magically revealed itself in V1.3!


Paperless List V1.3 in the Android Market

I have just uploaded Paperless List V1.3 to the Market. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Keyboard hidden when search results displayed
  • Search box auto-completes using history. Use menu to clear search history
  • Progress wheel aligned better
  • Low pixel density devices (e.g. HTC Tattoo) supported