Paperless List updated, Pro version available

I have just uploaded version 1.6 of Paperless List to the Android Market. Also there is now a “Pro” version available for 99p. This has all the same features of the free version but does not contain any ads. Speaking of features both versions now have:

  • Favourites list for saving items regularly added to the shopping list. This goes for manually added and Tesco items. The price of Tesco items is not displayed in the favourites list as it might get out of date. Instead the latest price is obtained from Tesco when it is added to the list.
  • Quantities of Tesco items in the shopping list can now be set. A new long press option “Add with quantity” appears in search and favourites. There is also a “Change quantity” long press option in the shopping list. This is taken into account when showing the main total and the price of items in the list. Adding duplicate items now totals them up.
  • Edit manual items either in the shopping list or favourites
  • Buttons no longer have the default Android colouring. Instead they have a blue gradient.
  • Bug fix: More details page sped up
  • Bug fix: force close when deleting items containing a single quote character
  • Bug fix: going to Android market for the Barcode Scanner app now goes straight to the app instead of to a single item list

Reminder: Paperless List Free and Pro are both UK only apps.