SMS Bot Widget 1.5 in the Market

I have finally gotten round to updating SMS Bot Widget. This new version includes bug fixes and new features:

  • One touch sending option with 6 second timer. When configuring the widget choose this option to send the SMS message with one touch straight from the home screen. Pressing any of the buttons in the send dialogue will cancel the timer so that the message is not sent.
  • New icon of a Vetruvian Android trapped in a speech bubble.
  • Added listener for app upgrade so that on Froyo (Android 2.2) phones upgrades do not blank out the widgets
  • Width of send dialogue increased to fill screen
  • Small icons removed from title bars
  • Optipng run on all images to save space
  • Removed permission for coarse location as it is no longer needed for ads
  • Bug fix: blank message no longer possible to save in widget. Sending a blank message was causing force closes.
  • Bug fix: force close issue when trying to parse invalid contact ID