Back from holiday

I’ve been away on holiday for the last two weeks, hence the lack of posts here. My girlfriend and I went to California and had a great time. Naturally I took my Hero with me. It has a really useful option in the “hold the power button down menu” to switch off the mobile data connection. I found it incredibly useful as it prevented extortionate data charges whilst still receiving calls and letting me connect to any Wifi hotspots I came across. This allowed me to stay in the loop with all the goings on in the mobile world and a lot has happened, especially with Android.
The first thing on my to do list is installing an Android 1.6 ROM on my G1 and testing the Reader widgets on it.
I have received a few suggestions for features in addition to my own ideas so watch this space.
Also Reader Widget Small passed the 5000 download mark last week. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, rated and provided feedback on it.

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